Who said of which the stockings usually are ugly as well as out of fashion? Today, stockings are usually less unsightly cellulite these days comparable to the now normal socks, from which you can derive all the actual benefits without renouncing being elegant and also feminine every time you wear them. Let’s see Exactly what are usually the actual best models and also new models available.

Stockings retrenchment against cellulite

Often we tend to think that will the socks elastic band retrenchment against cellulite usually are the stuff of old. In fact, the use of flexible stockings is actually also prescribed to young women, where necessary, for the care, but also for the prevention of serious diseases Phlebology, ie those diseases that will affect the actual circulatory system and also the veins of the actual legs. Determined by a physician experienced in the actual treatment of such chronic venous insufficiency, such as varicose veins, the actual stockings have also proved to get an powerful remedy for combating cellulite.read more from http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/846334

Contrary to public opinion, this cellulite (scientifically known as edematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy ) it isn’t a trivial blemish of the skin, but it is actually a real disease of which has its roots in this lymph drainage system of your body, located mainly in the area of the thighs , hips and also buttocks. The actual alteration of the actual balance between the actual venous as well as lymphatic system causes hypertrophy of the subcutaneous tissues where fat will be deposited residues involving in the actual best of cases that annoying orange peel skin, Which in turn can escalate into real fibrosis .

The usage of compression stockings specific for cellulite entails first of all an improvement of blood circulation, thanks to the graduated compression (more intense on the actual ankles and gradually lighter on the actual legs as well as thighs), and avoids the actual venous reflux towards the inside, a of the causes of this formation fat in which causes cellulite. Modern hosiery manufacturers have tried in recent years to clear an article Which in turn until now was presented as a product unsightly as well as almost mortifying to bring: heavy and very opaque restrained the choice to very few alternatives.

The hosiery Franzoni example, has created a line StopCell 70 pence (around 10 euro per pair), stockings against cellulite acting, having a micro graduated compression on strategic areas of the actual hips, buttocks and also thighs. Of the actual same type also stockings cellulite Veno Control , in black and also powder pink, along with bodice restraining massage (€ 11,90 per pair price, online shop).

Beautiful to look at, make the perfect choice in cases of mild cellulitis. For a more targeted treatment, without sacrificing elegance, choose the actual best available mitigation stockings Dr. Scholl’s microfiber (available in pharmacies) or 160 denier tights Previous to Sanagens (around 20 euro per pair): less feminine, perhaps, but definitely more effective.

Compression stockings

What socks to choose?

Before choosing a pair of stockings against cellulite, especially in severe cases, it is wise to consult a medical specialist who can measure the most appropriate graduated compression to combat this disease through treatment along with elastic band stockings to become associated using therapeutic creams as well as medications specific anti cellulite.